About Millbrook Equestrian                                                

At Millbrook Equestrian we want your child’s experience with horses to be challenging but above all we want it to be fun. For those that want to ride seriously we have designed a system through which we can measure progress and achieve goals.

We are based out of a beautiful facility in Parker - just east of Highlands Ranch and east of Castle Pines. We have a great indoor as well as an outdoor arena, round pen, turnout pastures and great trails


What is Millbrook All About?

We've had a lot of new people join the Millbrook family lately and as a result we've had to give our 'spiel' a lot, its made us think about who we are as a barn. So here's what we think...

What does it mean to be a Millbrook rider? 

  • It means you are known as the toughest, gutsiest, bravest riders on the show circuit

  • It means you will be pushed past your limits, often to the point of tears in lessons, but emerge as confident young women and girls

  • It means you can ride in the show ring but also on the trail, in an eventing field, maybe in the foxhunt field every now and then

  • It means you care more for the well being of your horse than for yourself, that horse care comes first and foremost

  • It means you can ride all types of horses, not just ones that make you look good or the ones that do it for you 

  • It means you have shared in the accomplishment of taking a horse from the auction ring to the show ring 

  • It means you have zero ego, and when you have a great lesson or round at a show you give the credit to your horse before yourself  

  • It means you will never think to drug your horse before you enter a show ring, even though all your competitors do 

  • It means that horse show managers come to you first when they need volunteers because they know Millbrook kids will always pitch in

  • We kind of like what we're all about - what do you think? 

Alexia Nestora
- Owner/Principal Trainer

Alexia grew up on a warmblood breeding farm in Millbrook, NY training young show jumpers and competing them on the East Coast circuit. She then rode in Europe for Lesley McNaught, at the time the number one ranked lady rider in the world, and Etter Sportpferde – a sales barn in Switzerland.

With the experience she gained in Switzerland and Germany Alexia moved to New Zealand and trained the young rider teams on ‘pilates for riders’ before moving back to the US. She is a graduate of Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and maintains her day job consulting for the adventure travel industry. Alexia is most often seen at horse shows toting around her daughter Haley and son Max.

Alexia trains riders of all abilities and welcomes any questions you may have. Alexia's cell: 303 898 3376, email: alexia@lassocommunications.com

Katie Wilson

Katie is a former Grand Prix rider with years of experience in horses she loves sharing with the riders of all ages and abilities!